You are faced with a situation when it is vital to separate lies from the truth? We are ready to assist you with the use of polygraph (lie detector) in the following situations: 

  • Investigations - control staff to identify theft of money and goods, the loyalty, the existence of spin-off of income associated with the use of official position, and so on.
  • You want to get an almost hundred percent guarantee of reliability and suitability of your nanny, a driver, bodyguard, governess, maid? Then we advise you to use our help.
  • The periodic polygraph testing for personnel authorized to trade secrets, work with property, cash and important documents.
  • Checks redundant staff - to prevent the theft of commercial information, documents and databases to start a similar business, competitors, or handing them over to criminal structures.
  • Checks when entering into questionable in the opinion of one party transactions - information about the real (including hidden) motives of the transaction, credit, real (as opposed to alleged) occurrence, the chance not to lose the invested capital, etc.

Physical protection of the Client is one of the major elements of the complex measures provided by SIA "Cerber apsardze". More about Physical protection

Any commercial enterprise is under constant influence of the certain factors, both favorable, and adverse, i.e. representing threat for its existence and development. As in the known theory about struggle of organisms for a survival, continues successful evolutionary development is only possible by the one who will manage to provide a sufficient level of safety of functioning of the vital processes. In a life of the modern business activity administrative and productions the security service of the given enterprise is engaged in questions of maintenance of protection and safety, and a methodological and practical basis of its activity is the concept of safety of the enterprise.

Bodyguard (support by physical persons) is carried out by employees of "Cerber apsardze", that have trained on a speciality "bodyguard". Service "support by physical persons" is trusted only to the professionals having an operational experience in physical protection of citizens in extreme situations, owning receptions of hand-to-hand fight (especially if unarmed protection is required) and have training special psychological preparation. Services of the bodyguard (bodyguard) mean also professional skills of driving of motor transport. Also we provide special transport of luxury class for support of very important persons (VIP).

Locks, turnstiles, barriers are elements of the access control, and also devices which will open the set forth above mechanisms for pass. Now it can be "tablets", a contactless card and even a fingerprint. Locks exist electromagnetic, electromechanical. It is necessary to add, that at any lock, the door should have closure mechanism. The command on opening or an interdiction of access is given out with the controller which compares passwords to the ones that are stored in their memory. Many controllers have an opportunity "to communicate" with a computer having the necessary software. Thus, the information – who, when and where left, passed and came, will be registered and written down on a hard disk. The audio and a video door intercommunication system are also classified as control of access. With its help it is possible to operate the lock on a door.

Video observation rather young, but dynamically developing branch of security business. Now it is difficult to find the large company which has been not equipped by system of video observation. The main reasons that make people order systems of video observation the following:

  • Increase of an overall performance of protection.
  • Counter prospecting activity of security service of the company.
  • Desire of director of firm the nobility, than its employees in working hours are engaged.
  • the Account of visitors of firm.
  • Prestige, etc.

The basic components of system of video observation are the following:

  • Video cameras.
  • Objectives.
  • Casings.
  • The reception equipment.
  • Video monitors.

Preliminary departure, consultation and selection of the equipment We offer you free-of-charge departure of the expert object for consultation concerning installation of the security and fire signal system, selection of the necessary equipment, its installation, estimation of costs, coordination of technical questions. Also you can ask any questions by phone or e-mail. Definition of budget cost After carrying out of the qualified inspection of your object we shall offer the optimum decision of a problem, and then we shall define budget cost of works on installation of the fire and security signal system, we shall make the budget documentation on installation and we shall give a substantiation about cost of works.

The security signal system is used widely already a long time, and stopped being something exotic. Practically each second shop, office, a warehouse have the security signal system. The principle of action of the security signal system is very simple. Install maker considers places of possible penetration to an object and are blocked by security gauges (in this plan the most vulnerable from the point of view of safety are windows and doors). In protection the device of the security signal system is established. In case of opening a door, a window, crash the glasses, not authorized penetration into office, the corresponding gauge works, and the signal is transferred to the device of the security signal system. The sound and light signal system joins, notifying protection that security broken.

Support of cargoes is carried out by the groups of the armed employees having special experience of protection. If necessary groups are equiped with cars of the raised passableness (offroad cars). Employees have trained special preparation and have experience of support of cargoes by all types of transport.

Probably we have not listed something, that you could be interest in and that we could offer you. If you have any questions or you are interested in something connected to security - contact us, we will try to help you.