Now protection from fashionable attribute has turned into the necessary factor of safety practically for every business.

SIA "Cerber apsardze"

During work private security company “Cerber apsardze” got enough wide experience in creation of safety systems that allows to us to offer you security services of very high quality: effectively resist the thefts, the latent forms of plunders, and also protection of the proprietor from unfair partners and other threats from outside. Each next year our security agency actively develop new directions, increases existing positions, raises a level of service. The basic advantage of our security agency – employees. The competent supervising, qualified licensed staff successfully solve today’s problems and competently define prospects for tomorrow. The collective of our private security enterprise is the command of professionals which are distinguished with high qualification, an operational experience in security firms, special services and law enforcement bodies. If any kid of protection or security is needed for you or your business – we will help you! The security firm “Cerber apsardze” provide a wide spectrum of security services and any task solves at the very high level. You can contact us by phones specified in section “Contacts”.